Our Rights Come from God.

One of the illusions that government tries to convince us of is that government grants us our freedoms, which means that they can also take them away.

But remember, our freedoms are not granted to us by the government. Rather our freedoms come from God. We the people are sovereign. Our freedoms are inherently ours. We own this country, and our politicians are our servants, not our masters.

The purpose of the Constitution is to protect our God-given freedoms by restricting the power of government, because people in power ALWAYS want more power. This has always been true and it will always be true.

It is up to each of us to protect the Constitution, because it protects our freedoms.

The mission of “Cherish the Constitution” is to reconnect Americans with our divinely inspired Constitution and the values of individual freedom, equal justice, free markets, prosperity and peace. Our Constitution is our path forward. It is our True North. If you believe in our mission, please support us by becoming a premium member. Also, visit our store here.