The Chinese Social Credit System.

A real threat to our freedom.

Have you heard of the Chinese Social Credit System?

What, you ask, is the Chinese Social Credit System? Have a look at this video (note: This is real and this is happening now.)

Most Americans have no idea that this is currently happening in China. So how could they know that much of the technology that China is using for this system was developed by American big tech companies? Much less, that the plan is also to bring it to America?

I’ve been warning about big tech for a long time now. We all have trusted them too much, and they have been using this data to gain a frightening amount of data about us, which means control over us. The fact is, the Chinese Social Credit system is coming to the USA.

So what’s the difference between the Chinese System and the US System? In China, the government is not trying to hide their plans. In the USA, it’s in stealth mode because Americans wouldn’t accept it outright. But just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening.

Let me put one of the puzzle pieces together for you…

  • On April 4, 2017, US lawmakers voted in favor of allowing Internet service providers (ISP) like Verizon, Comcast and AT&T to sell and share customers’ browsing history.

  • Know this: ISPs can see EVERYTHING you do online and every website you visit. Whether you visit Facebook, New York Times or a website that you visit in secret, your ISP has a record of all of your browsing history, and they sell this information about you!

  • So now, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is proposing that your browser history, along with other information, should be included on your credit score! Read that sentence again, your browser history, meaning that everything you do online, will be included on your credit score!

  • This is just the start. For every step they take, they will “sell” you on why it’s good for you. Most people will simply allow this to happen, and as we’ve seen recently, most will actually cheer it on.

This is just one small piece of a very large puzzle, but you can see the type of changes they have planned for us. Another piece of the puzzle? The coming digital currency they will soon be introducing as well as the vaccine passport.

Freedom loving people must stand up to freedom and for our Constitution.

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