Support our mission to show the disheartened liberty-lovers in the USA that our country’s path forward is to reconnect with our Constitution.

Our Founding Father’s knew that those in power always seek more power. Government will continue to infringe on our freedoms at an ever-increasing rate, but someday soon they will push too far and there will be a great awakening of our inherent, God-given freedoms.

And when we wake up, we must remember our True North; that our strength comes from “We the People” and the principles that make us a free people. If we mistakenly give our hope and power to a charismatic leader, that leader becomes a focal point that the power mongers can attack, and no individual can withstand the assault that they will bring to bear. If we put all of our hopes into a person, a party, or an organization, our hopes will die when these chosen leaders fail or betray the People. Instead, we must anchor our hope for the future in the people, our desire to be free, and our wonderful Constitution.

Our Constitution protects our freedoms by limiting the power of our government. The Constitution is the heart of our country and it’s the foundation of all of our laws. It is our responsibility to protect that which protects us. We must remember to Cherish the Constitution.

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The mission of “Cherish the Constitution” is to reconnect Americans with our divinely inspired Constitution and the values of individual freedom, equal justice, free markets, prosperity and peace. Our Constitution is our path forward and our True North.